Best High Interest Savings Account

Best High Interest Savings Account Advantageous Interest Rates in the Bank Time Deposit Account!

Use your Time Deposit Account options to make the most of your money. Increase your earnings without being affected by USD / EUR in interest rate movement in the market with USD / EUR Time Deposit Account with advantageous time deposit interest rates. Look no further with other bank interest rates.

Best High Interest Savings Account

Open a Term Currency Deposit Account, let your foreign currency savings stay in place with the term option you want for up to 400 days, grow as you grow with time deposits. If you wish, open an Interim Payment Deposit Account and evaluate your money with a fixed return guarantee throughout the term.

No matter which deposit account you use, check your accounts from wherever you are with Bank Internet and Mobile. If you have forgotten your Bank Internet and Mobile password, do not worry! You can get your new password immediately from the “Get Password” button.

The Bank provides Internet and Mobile with either your customer number or your ID number; If you want, you can login with your bank credit card information.

Increase your earnings without being affected by market and interest changes with the term USD / EUR Deposit Account!

Best High Interest Savings Account

Advantages: Best High Interest Savings Account

USD / EUR Time Deposit Account;

It provides ease of determining your maturity according to your needs, from 7 days to 400 days.
Unless otherwise stated by you, at the end of maturity, the same maturity and current list are automatically renewed with interest rates.
It offers the opportunity to transfer your functioning interest to your demand deposit account and use it as you wish.


Since it is fixed income, interest in the market is not affected by USD / EUR until maturity.
It offers the opportunity to open a "Time Deposit" account with the number of days you want up to 400 days, as well as accounts with a term of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
It offers the option to open an account from all Bank Branches or Bank Internet and Mobile.
The account opening lower limit is only 1000 USD / EUR.
Account movements can be followed from the Bank's Internet and Mobile.
Withholding rates vary by maturity.

Open a long-term deposit account and take advantage of the withholding tax!

We are preparing the list of banks with the highest interest for you, and for those who want to evaluate their money at the end of this year. We are helping people who want to compare the interest rates of banks and evaluate their money. As you know, people find the bank with the highest interest rates in high amounts. Due to high inflation and evaluate their money there.

By researching in detail for you, you can find the bank with the highest interest rate annually. By calculating the profit and loss rates and you can immediately deposit your money.

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